A Hands-On Approach

Our property management services are designed to take the stress out of maintaining your residential and commercial properties, so you can have the extra time to focus on your business objectives and leisure activities. Additionally, we make it a priority to handle your property investments in a financially responsible way.

We Manage Commercial and Residential Properties

We have experience managing condo associations, rental apartments, medical buildings, and more.

We will manage the following tasks:

  • Promptly collect rent and CAM fees.
  • Invoice payments and manage property bills.
  • Prepare and distribute financial statements.
  • Assist with preparation of annual budgets and reserve analysis.
  • Explore favorable finance opportunities through bank networks and mortgage lenders.
  • Work with clients to ensure operations are running in a smart and cost-effective manner.
  • Respond to owner and resident maintenance requests in a timely and professional manner.
  • Undergo vendor selection, project planning and management for property projects. Ensure each project is completed within the agreed timeline and price.

A few associations we currently manage

Niagara Pier

Niagara Pier

Residential Building

| Erie, PA 16507

Professional Building

Professional Building

Commercial Office and Medical Building

1611 Peach Street | Erie, PA 16501

Stonebrook at Whispering Woods

Stonebrook at Whispering Woods

Residential Community

Stonebrook Drive | Fairview, PA 16415

"Glowacki Management Company has managed The Professional Building at 1611 Peach Street for the past several years. Our experience with this company as been outstanding. They have guided our building association through a number of projects with great skill that has helped to place the building on solid footing. If any problems have arisen they have always responded quickly and in a professional manner."

— Jeff S., Unit Owner

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Bridget C. Shames

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Bridget C. Shames, Vice President and Director of Marketing & Development