St. Michael's Terrace Panel Story

October 10, 2022 | By Garrett S. Shames

St. Michael's Terrace Panel Story

Garrett Shames, Chief Operating Officer from Glowacki Management of Erie, and Brenda Reitz, Property Manager of Saint Michael Terrace, met with members of the DuBois Area Historical Society to view the historic interpretive panel recently placed at St. Michael Terrace. Glowacki Management sponsored the installation of the panel.

The panel reviews the history of the property where St. Michael Terrace is located. It was originally the Avenue Theater established by A. P. Way (1868-1962), known as “Mr. Theater”. Way was a humanitarian, philanthropist, industrialist, and a member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The Avenue Theater opened in 1902 and closed in 1978.

The theater was demolished in 1980 to make room for the construction of St. Michael Terrace. Construction started in 1980 with completion and occupation in 1982. Glowacki Management is the current management group for St. Michael Terrace.

The interpretive panels are an ongoing project of The DuBois Area Historical Society. City of DuBois workers install the panels. Four panels are installed and several more are in the planning stage. The Society hopes these interpretive panels will help both local residents and visitors to the area learn about the rich history that surrounds them and celebrate the City of DuBois.

Additional panels are planned as finances allow. Any individual, group, or organization that would like to sponsor a panel have them contact the DuBois Area Historical Society at 814-371-9006.

Garrett S. Shames

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